Diversity, the new politically correct term for accepting other's opinions, cultures and customs is a wonderful concept. It generally works, except when special interest groups want to force their ideas and opinions on those who don't agree with their agendas.

Wars have been fought, walls have crumbled and dictators have been ousted for the right of the individual to state his opinion, which is called free speech. Why then did Steven Covey feel he had to apologize to the Human Rights Campaign, a gay and lesbian organization, for his opinion stated in a talk given in Hawaii? Mr. Covey said marriage was not for same-sex couples. He also stated, "That is a natural principle for a natural law."Thank you Steven Covey for stating your opinion. I happen to believe in that same principle. I do not have to apologize for my belief, and I can state that opinion because of the First Amendment of the Constitution. And aren't we fortunate to have that freedom. Even individuals have the right to burn the flag, which in my opinion is deplorable. And I'll not apologize for that statement either.

Janelle Homer