In the June 1998 issue of "Reader's Digest" there is an article about Dr. Laura, the call-in radio host who gives advice and counsel on moral problems. A woman called in and said that she wanted to seduce the fiancee of another office worker and asked for Dr. Laura's advice. Dr. Laura responded, "It's funny how when we're the recipient of pain we're clear that it's black and white, but when we've got something to gain there are shades of gray."

I'm afraid that there are many people, mostly Democrats, seeing "shades of gray" as they protect President Clinton. There can be hardly anyone who does not honestly believe that the current president has not committed some impeachable violations, including illegal campaign contributions, lying under oath, getting FBI files to use as blackmail on Republican opponents, laundering labor union funds, etc.Why is Clinton currently campaigning and fund-raising so hard for the Democrats? I believe he hopes for enough Democratic gains in Congress that even with all the damning evidence about to come forth he would still not be impeached.

I am proud to be an American. I served faithfully in the military when it wasn't convenient (I was drafted when married, and my first child was born while I was in Vietnam). But I am ashamed of what we have allowed to happen to us by tolerating a dishonest president, and many of us "seeing gray" instead of doing what is right, moral and honest.

If there is a Democratic office contender that is truly motivated to make America the leader of the world morally as well as temporally (as she once was), they deserve our support. But as they view this president through gray-colored glasses, for their own personal gain, be assured that if we do not give them justice, a higher justice, where morals do matter, will prevai.

David R. Taylor