I have been watching and reading this "controversy" about blacks and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over the past few days from way over here in Australia. Sorry, but I do not see all the fuss. Perhaps these historians have only just come to terms with what happened 20 years ago and are feeling guilty about things they may have felt in the past toward "black" people.

However, may I remind you all, that African-Americans are not the only race of people in the world with black skin. In Australia, we have the Aborigines and Thursday Islanders, who are black. The New Guinea natives are also black.I remember a sacrament meeting in 1969 when the first Aborigine baptized in the Townsville branch blessed the sacrament. He was a priest. He went on to become an elder.

So all this talk about whether The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was or is racist is rubbish. The church has always been open to people of all races, regardless of color. The priesthood was withheld from certain races back in the Old Testament times, because they were descendants of Cain, not because they were black.

No thinking person has ever thought that the color of skin or heritage of a person makes them bad or less than anyone else on this earth.

Randall K. Doyle