Let's not be taken in by the commercials against the "tobacco bill." All you need to do is take note of who is paying for these ads - it is the tobacco companies - to realize that the ads are an effort to mislead us. They are talking out of both sides of their mouths at the same time.

Look at the facts. As I understand this bill, it will result in a very substantial increase in the price of cigarettes in the form of a tax. This tax will help to defray the cost of treating those affected by smoking. Also, the substantial cost for cigarettes will, hopefully, discourage our youths from smoking.The tobacco companies would have us believe that this bill will result in lost tax revenue because of fewer sales (because the cigarettes will cost too much). Consequently, we will be faced with a tremendous tax increase. What they don't tell us is that the increase will be borne by those who smoke, not the general taxpayers.

It seems to me that they can't have it both ways. If the bill does result in reduced sales and reduced "normal" taxes, it will, at the same time, result in increased revenue because of the large tax increase on cigarettes.

Come on, tobacco companies. How stupid do you think we are? Besides, regardless of the tax implications, I'm all for anything that will get people, especially our young people, to stop smoking.

Lynn J. Boulter

Salt Lake City