I appreciated the article by Andrea Rouda in which she clarifies that Jews are not "born horned," but I found an interesting line in the article that concerns me. In the line, Andrea reassured the mother of a friend of her son that she was a "Jew from New York" not a "Gypsy from Transylvania." The implication is that it is wrong to be prejudiced against a Jew, but somehow it is OK to be prejudiced against a Gypsy.

We are constantly reminded that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, but we are rarely reminded about the 1 million Gypsies that were murdered at the same time. Why? Is it because the Judeo-Christian influence is still not comfortable with Gypsies?And not only Gypsies, but also witches, new-agers and hippies? Though not formal religions, these are all legitimate forms of spirituality that are constantly susceptible to ridicule and attack at any time, including the editorial pages of the Deseret News. Why? Is it because these spiritualities emphasize the mother Earth, and the formal, patriarchal religions are still trying to repress feminine, experiential spirituality?

The Mormons and the Baptists are ready to engage each other in a battle for souls, but mention witchcraft, and they will band together to condemn and fight against pagan beliefs in the name of Christianity. They both fear sensual expression and the celebration of the seasons.

I must admit we have progressed. We don't burn, crush, drown (etc.) the dirty pagans anymore. We merely keep our kids away from them and ridicule their beliefs. But it's OK. Mother Earth spirituality is here to stay, and her love will not fade away.

Paul Fisher