A city commissioner already under a federal money laundering indictment now faces state charges of hampering an investigation into massive vote fraud during Miami's November election.

Humberto Hernandez was charged along with five supporters, including his aunt, The Miami Herald reported Thursday.Voters returned the popular Little Havana politician to his commission seat in November, even after he was charged in July with money laundering and bank fraud. He had been removed from office by the governor, with a trial scheduled for September.

The latest charges involve a Miami police officer and his wife, a city hall secretary. They are accused of falsely registering in Hernandez's district so they could vote for him; the charges accuse him of trying to cover it up.

The secretary, Evelyn Herbello, cooperated with agents investigating fraud in the election and secretly recorded conversations with the commissioner and his inner circle, the newspaper reported.

Prosecutors allege Hernandez directed his family and friends to help Evelyn Herbello obtain bogus documents - rent receipts, leases and a letter - to show that the Herbellos lived in the commissioner's district before and during the election.

Hernandez was charged Wednesday with one felony count of fabricating evidence and two misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to fabricate evidence and accessory after the fact.