The Deseret News recently reported the frustrating dilemma that Democratic Party leaders face in trying to attract LDS Church members to their ranks. Of great interest to the Democrats are the recent comments of Elder Marlin Jensen, a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who said, among other things, that he would like to obliterate the idea among too many members of the LDS Church that it is impossible to be both a good Mormon and a Democrat.

Todd Taylor, executive director of the Utah Democratic Party, believes Elder Jensen's influential remarks may be the beginning of the party's salvation, at least here in Utah. He hopes that they will create an "opportunity for outreach" for LDS Church members. "Now," Taylor asks his national leaders, "how do we go about targeting them?"There is a simple analogy that will answer Mr. Taylor's question. If you want to lure bees to a new hive, don't bait them with vinegar. Tempt them with honey. Similarly, if you want to lure LDS voters to a new party, offer them something "sweet," meaning some solid conservative philosophies that will coincide with their basic beliefs and values.

The Democratic Party will never entice LDS voters to their side of the political spectrum with a party platform that sours the intellectual and spiritual taste of church members. Party planks such as abortion, homosexual rights, gun control, affirmative action, extreme environmental laws, outlawed prayer in schools, bigger government, higher taxes and many other left-wing philosophies run counter to the basic principles and doctrines of these people.

Offer the LDS people what they want, Mr. Taylor, along with some new national leaders of integrity and morality, and you will attract them by the tens of thousands. Even I might join your ranks.

Joseph H. Evans