The City Council will change garbage-collection companies this summer.

Waste Management Co. is out, but the city didn't choose the low bidder either. It took second-place bidder Robinson Waste.The city received four bids for garbage collection, and even though Robinson's bid was $2,700 more than BFI, the council liked the extra services it offered.

Councilman Gary Elliott said Robinson Waste offered a much better service for spring cleanups. He said the new contract will not mean there will be any increase in the cost of first garbage cans. However, he said, those with second containers will see a slight increase in that charge later this summer.

A spokesman for BFI said he was disappointed with the council not selecting his company as the low bidder. That's because he felt spring cleanup was not something the bid request had specifically highlighted.

BFI's three-year bid was $328,484, while Robinson came in at $331,110.