If Utah could form a coordinating council representing all aspects of society, and especially the media, there would be plenty of involvement, and the result could be a reduction of drugs, crime and teenage pregnancy, according to Steven R. Covey, co-chairman of Franklin Covey Co.

Already there are synergistic programs in nine cities and one island in Hawaii that involve many people, and they provide more activities for youth to keep them out of trouble, he told members of the Salt Lake Rotary Club Tuesday.Covey said the moral fiber of America is breaking down, and more involvement is needed to reverse the trend.

He said hosting the 2002 Winter Games would be a watershed year, and it gives the state a chance to "create profound unity" and give the people a chance to be proactive and do good things.

In his Little America speech, Covey said the Olympics will have a big influence on Utah and the synergy involved will cultivate a common vision based on universal principles. He said involving all Utahns, especially the media, will enable Utah to host the event for 3 billion people watching on television and other media.

Referring to the merger between his own Covey Leadership Center and Franklin Quest Co. several months ago, Covey said most people go into mergers because of what someone else wants. Because of that there is negative energy, and that's the reason 90 percent of mergers fail, he said.

If both sides can't win there shouldn't be a merger, he said, and to be successful there has to be customer focus, integrity, trust, loyalty, patience, understanding, an absence of ego and an absence of territorialism.

In the case of the Franklin Quest and Covey merger, Covey said there was plenty of synergy because one company deals with individuals and the other deals mainly with companies.

Covey said it took officials from both companies five months to decide if a merger was feasible, and it has taken one year to complete this mission statement: "We inspire change by igniting the power of proven principles so that people and organizations achieve what matters most."

He suggested that companies thoroughly think through a mission statement and let it provide direction for the future. Covey said he and his family have adopted mission statements and they have proved to be very valuable in guiding family members.