MEXICO CITY - A 39-year-old man was killed by a swarm of bees in northern Mexico after authorities failed to respond to emergency calls, the government news agency Notimex reported.

MEXICO CITY - A soldier was being held on charges of training the gunmen who massacred 45 Indians in the southern hamlet of Acteal in December.


CARDIFF, Wales - Roy Evans, the former president of the International Table Tennis Federation who was instrumental in the "pingpong diplomacy" between China and the United States, has died at age 88.

LONDON - Britain welcomed on Wednesday the European Union's an-nounce-ment that Northern Ireland can resume exporting beef June 1.

South Korea

SEOUL - Autoworkers and other laborers put down their tools Wednesday in a nationwide strike over job security, ignoring government warnings that labor unrest would scare off badly needed foreign investment.


HANOI - Health officials in Ho Chi Minh City have banned the impotence drug Viagra pending a Ministry of Health review of its safety, the Thanh Dien newspaper reported Wednesday.

HANOI - A 40-seat Russian-built plane carrying senior military personnel from Vietnam crashed in Laos and all passengers were believed to have been killed, a Laos government official said Wednesday.


TOKYO - Police have seized eight gas cylinders containing one of the chemical substances used for making the nerve gas that killed 12 people on the Tokyo subway three years ago, authorities said Wednesday.


TUNCELI - Turkish troops killed 11 Kurdish rebels in overnight fighting in the east of the country, security officials said Wednesday.


BEIJING - Floods have wreaked havoc in eight provinces across China, with the death toll climbing to 128 and losses estimated at 795 million yuan ($95.8 million), officials and state media said Wednesday.


ADDIS ABABA - Ethiopia insisted Wednesday it would use force to eject Eritrean troops accused of invading its border territory.


JERUSALEM - Jewish settlers who set up makeshift homes in Arab East Jerusalem said on Wednesday they would abide by a municipal demolition order but vowed that some Jews would remain at the site.


ULAN BATOR - A Mongolian airliner carrying 28 people, including 12 children, slammed into a snow-covered mountain and all those on board were feared dead, a government official said on Wednesday.


ATHENS - Researchers on the Greek island of Crete have found the fossil of a 3 million-year-old fish - 450 yards up a mountainside.


COPENHAGEN - Danish police said Wednesday they were fully prepared for possible street violence after Thursday's referendum on the European Union.


PARIS - French President Jacques Chirac's office took the unusual step Wednesday of denying a report that it had set up a "crisis unit" to try to block corruption probes into his Gaullist Rally for the Republic party.