Rescuers continued late Tuesday to search for a missing colleague on Mount McKinley, while others helped a climber who slid into a crevasse and broke his ribs, the National Park Service said.

Rescuers looking for volunteer ranger Mike Vanderbeek had begun stringing 1,800 feet of fixed line from the mountain's 16,000-foot level to help them descend to where their colleague might have fallen.Vanderbeek disappeared in whiteout conditions Sunday after trying to help a Canadian climber who fell about 1,000 feet while descending along the commonly used West Buttress route.

Park rangers and volunteer climbers responded to another climbing emergency Tuesday afternoon when a member of a three-person international climbing team fell 300 to 600 feet down a steep slope known as "Rescue Gully." He fell into a crevasse, and another member of his party was stricken with hypothermia.

Rescuers managed to extricate the climber from the crevasse.