Slam dunk! Home run!

That's what the proposed 1998-99 budget here could have some residents yelling, thanks to a hefty increase in parks and recreation spending."We are beefing it up considerably," said Woods Cross City Manager Gary Uresk.

Uresk said the parks and recreation budget is increasing $231,322, a 112 percent increase from the budget for the current fiscal year that ends June 30.

The money will be used primarily for capital projects such as a new basketball court and baseball diamond, Uresk said.

One thing not funded, though, is a new skateboard park (so the budget won't make anyone say "Dude!"). The park has caused considerable controversy since the City Council proposed it more than two months ago, and funding has been pushed back to at least the 1999 fiscal year.

Residents concerned about the source of this increased parks and recreation budget can also relax, because the city has not included any tax or fee increases in the tentative budget.

If anything, the City Council may even eliminate a current cable television franchise fee. The fee, which is 6 percent of the cable customer's bill, brought in $6,000 of revenue last year, Uresk said.

The general fund grew 12.5 percent, although the sales tax only grew 4 percent, Uresk said. Essentially, retail growth has leveled off, he said, but additional federal and state grants have helped boost the general fund.

Unlike many neighboring cities, Uresk said Woods Cross does not have to worry about deteriorating roads. The funding for streets, in fact, decreases slightly in the tentative budget, and no major road projects are planned. The budgeted money will be used for upkeep, instead.

The city is also looking at funding an additional police officer, thanks to a federal law enforcement grant. The officer would most likely be assigned to drug enforcement, Uresk said.

The public hearing for the 1998-99 budget is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 2. Copies of the tentative budget are available for public review at Woods Cross City Hall, 1550 S. 800 West.


Additional Information

Budget - Woods Cross

General fund: $2.7 million


General fund $2.4 million


Where it comes from:

Property tax: $ 295,000

Last year: $ 265,000

Sales tax: $1.25 million

Last year: $1.2 million

Franchise tax: $ 6,000

Last year: $ 6,000

Where it goes:

Police: $1.09 million

Last year: $ 895,031

Parks & Rec. $ 438,299

Last year: $ 206,977

Streets: $ 310,550

Last year: $ 373,173

Community devel.: $ 172,395

Last year: $ 128,724

Tax/fee increases: