The death of Frank Sinatra produced floods of adulation, usual with the passing of an icon, but "icon" is only shorthand for something. In this case, dare I suggest that while clearly one of the best of singers, he has helped mark the way in our downward path to Gomorrah.

The song, "My Way" was his theme, but what is the comparative? There is one, of course, for there have always been two ways. The other way is a society governed and disciplined by anciently accepted laws of behavior and deportment designed to encourage respect for the honor and internal integrity of each member of that society. It was said, long ago, that the mind in its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell and that seems to be the source of the self-made heaven to which so many people of this world are working.Sinatra was praised by President Clinton, who never has time to fulfill his promises to this people, despite his frequent escape in the phrase that he must be about the business of those who elected him, which seems to be traveling or raising more campaign funds. Six years ago, he promised to set an example of integrity and honor. Later he promised to explain apparent lapses from that example, but he has not. Slippery Willie seems to believe that he has never done anything wrong because whatever he does, he does his way. By his definition, his way is not wrong; isn't that the message millions of people heard every time they heard blue eyes sing "My Way"? That was Lucifer's song, first, wasn't it?

The alternative? His way. Would that at my passing it was said, "He did it the master's way."

William Knecht