The days when you could park large trucks and semi-trailers for extended periods of time on West Valley streets are over.

A revised city ordinance now prohibits the parking of those large vehicles on both residential and non-residential streets, and police have begun issuing warning citations to violators.City spokesman Ed Quinlan said the warning citation period will continue through the end of May to give large vehicle owners or operators an opportunity to arrange for off-street parking.

After that, police will be handing out the real thing.

"The city also has sent out a letter to all area trucking firms informing them of the change," Quinlan said.

Paula Houston, a city attorney who serves as legal adviser to the police department, said the law was changed because of a growing concern over public safety issues.

"Over the years, we have had numerous traffic accidents in which drivers have said the trucks and trailers on the side of the road blocked their view when pulling onto the road," she said, "which (they say) caused their accidents."

Ted Nguyen, community and governmental relations director, said city officials decided to act when it became apparent the problem was getting worse.

"Accidents were becoming more severe, and we felt we needed to take a pro-active stand before the situation worsened," he added.

The on-street parking ban applies to any vehicle or combination of vehicles with a combined length of more than 45 feet, or are more than eight feet wide, or have a height in excess of 14 feet, or have more than two axles, or weigh more than 18,000 pounds.

However, the revised city law does allow large vehicle drivers time for normal loading and unloading activities.

Additional information is available by contacting Police Sgt. Steve Sandquist at 963-3446.