The state of Iowa, which already had one slogan, now has a second, courtesy of Universal Studios.

Universal has given the Iowa Department of Economic Development permission to use an exchange from "Field of Dreams" - the acclaimed fantasy about an Iowa farmer (Kevin Costner) who builds a baseball park in his cornfield - as its "unofficial" slogan to promote tourism.The dialogue in question is the query, by the ghost of a baseball player who has just made use of the field, "Is this heaven?" and Costner's reply, "No, it's Iowa!"

Under the agreement with Universal, Iowa pays nothing for the use of the two lines in a graphic the shape of the state.

However Jon L. Enterprises of Storm Lake, Iowa, the vendor licensed by the Department of Economic Development to sell T-shirts, mugs, buttons and other items bearing the logo, will pay a royalty to the studio.

Lindy Strodel, spokeswoman for the Department of Economic Development, said the items have been on sale since Aug. 16 at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.

Initially, she added, response was sluggish, since a lot of people at the fair simply had not seen the movie and had no idea what the slogan was all about.

"But it's starting to move through word of mouth," she said.

Iowa already had a fairly new marketing slogan when the one from "Field of Dreams" came along, she said.

"Iowa - The Time Is Right" was coined about a year and a half ago.

"But people have taken to the movie so much you wouldn't believe it," she said.