The local TV sports Coup of the Week went to KSL this past Wednesday when Craig Bolerjack snagged an extended interview with Jazz star Karl Malone.

The Mailman, of course, had put himself in the news earlier that day by telling nationally syndicated sports radio host Jim Rome that he was thinking of leaving Utah when his contract expires at the end of next season.It was the topic of the day here in Utah. While Dave Fox was over on Ch. 2 asking Rick Majerus what Karl Malone was thinking, Bolerjack was asking Malone himself on Ch. 5.

And the KSL sportscaster did a good job with the interview. He didn't pound away at the often evasive Malone (just what are those non-money things that are bothing him so?), but that's not the sportscaster's style. Nor, in all likelihood, would it have been effective. It would have just shut Malone down altogether.

But Bolerjack did return to the issues at hand and got more than anyone else was getting.

It turned out to be by far the best edition of "Show Me the Title" to date.

WHAT FUN: Actually, the most fascinating part of Bolerjack's interview with Malone turned out to be Malone's interview with Bolerjack.

It's been no secret for weeks that Bolerjack's days at KSL are numbered. Sometime after the Jazz season ends, he'll be headed for CBS, where he'll be a play-by-play man for the network's football and basketball telecasts.

(And, by the way, that's Bolerjack's strength. He's been solid in the booth for years - as good or better than most of the network guys. Just so long as he avoids silly, ham-handed features, like the one he did not long ago about a guy in San Antonio who happened to be named John Stockton.)

But KSL has been keeping this quiet, particularly because Bolerjack will be appearing on CBS stations like KUTV-Ch. 2 before long.

So it was amusing to hear Malone answer Bolerjack's questions about whether he would be staying by asking the sportscaster when he would be leaving. Bolerjack appeared somewhat taken aback - even flustered - and finally noted that he plans to maintain a home here in Salt Lake City.

Karl proved to be a pretty good questioner.

COINCIDENCE? In the course of the interview, Malone talked about how he felt comfortable with Bolerjack and KSL and how he had developed a good relationship with the station. And, no doubt, that had a lot to do with the fact that he turned up on Ch. 5 on Wednesday night.

So maybe it's just a coincidence that the Mailman's publicist is also a KSL employee. Maybe.

SPARE US: OK, I like light features as much as the next viewer. And it's nice to see some human interest stories relating to the NBA playoffs instead of all jock talk.

But KUTV-Ch. 2 went more than a bit over the top with Kerry Birmingham's recent piece on a California psychic's predictions for the Jazz-Lakers series. What a waste of air time.

Not to mention viewers' time.

DISTRACTED: I haven't quite gotten a handle on KTVX-Ch. 4's new main sports anchor, Jason Farmer, yet. It's hard for me to concentrate on what he's saying - I'm still so stunned by how young he looks.