The bigwigs were bummed by the effort of the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference finals.

The coach, who believes he'll be back next season, saw it differently.And the captain, livid in defeat, opted not to attend a final team meeting on Monday, when the rest of his teammates cleaned out their lockers and said their goodbyes for the summer.

After Sunday's 96-92 Utah Jazz victory at the Forum that closed out the series, Lakers executives Jerry West and Magic Johnson - two of the finest guards in NBA history in their playing days - ripped the team.

"What bothered me more than anything is that there were two or three games in this series when we didn't even show up to play," said West, the executive vice president whose future as the team's architect is in question. "We had a couple of players that should be embarrassed."

Said Johnson: "I don't mind if we lose 4-0. But I do mind that there wasn't any urgency on this team. . . . I'm really upset about this."