Almost everywhere we look, we are in a position to view nature's beauty. Even on a crowded city street, the warm glow of a sunrise or sunset is extremely pleasant to see.

Many adults appreciate Mother Nature's masterpieces - especially those protected in America's national parks. For some children, however, learning to appreciate the beauty of nature is difficult.A camera can change that.

Getting a child started in photography does not take a huge investment. The one-time-use cameras, which sell for about $12, take surprisingly good pictures. With one of these preloaded cameras, all a child has to do is follow the advice of Kodak founder George Eastman. He said in 1888, "You push the button, we do the rest."

Several one-time-use models are available; some have a built-in flash, others offer a panorama mode, and some can take pictures under water.

"The rest" that Eastman referred to is quite a bit different in this era of digital technology. Even with a one-time-use camera, your child can get his or her picture transferred to a computer disk. Once in digital form, the pictures can easily be dropped into documents, printed on desktop printers and sent to friends as an attachment to an e-mail message.

Once children see the results of their creative photographic efforts, they will begin to view nature in a different way.

For children who are serious about photography, the Palm Beach Photographic Centre offers a unique program called "Foto-Camp."

The sessions take place in Palm Beach, Fla., at the Photographic Centre and at nearby Butterfly World, Dreher Park Zoo and local beaches and parks. The cost of the two-week course is $375.

For more information about FotoCamp, call (561) 276-9797.