ISLAMABAD - An Islamist leader urged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's government to explode a nuclear bomb to send a warning to arch-rival India, which he said dramatically altered the regional balance when it conducted five nuclear tests earlier this month.


VLADIVOSTOK - Border guards shot dead two crew members of a Chinese fishing boat and wounded five after the U.S. Coast Guard tipped them the vessel was poaching in the Bering Strait.


MARJAYOUN - Israeli warplanes raided suspected guerrilla positions in southern Lebanon shortly after an Israeli-allied militiaman was killed and two others wounded in guerrilla attacks.


NASSAU - The government sent 71 more Cuban boat people back to their communist homeland, and an official said they intend to empty their detention camp of Cuban refugees next week.


PHNOM PENH - Pilot error caused the crash of a Vietnam Airlines flight that killed 64 people eight months ago, according to a report by Cambodian authorities. Only two young children survived the Sept. 3 crash of the Russian-built, twin-engine Tupolev 134.


ROME - The government requested the extradition of Sicilian Mafia boss Pasquale Cuntrera, 63, from Spain where he fled just before he was due to be re-arrested to serve a 21-year jail sentence on drug charges.


ALGIERS - A bomb killed at least seven people and wounded eight in a fruit and vegetable market in the northern town of Khemis Miliana, security forces said.


RABAT - King Hassan is on his way to visit Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to discussing trade, bilateral concerns and regional and international politics.


PARIS - Militant French truckers blocked motorways across the country in a show of force ahead of wage talks just two weeks before the start of World Cup soccer.


ANKARA - The government defended its policy of sending troops into neighboring Iraq in pursuit of separatist Turkish Kurd guerrillas, who use the mountainous region to launch attacks on its territory.

South Korea

SEOUL - Authorities hardened their line against labor unions threatening strikes, as gloom over the economy pushed stocks to an 11-year low.


BUDAPEST - Viktor Orban said he would crack down on corruption as Hungary's next prime minister and sought to reassure nervous markets his financial team would be professional.


BELGRADE - Riot police dispersed stone-throwing students protesting outside the Serbian parliament against changes to the law that will tighten political control over universities.


CANBERRA - The government plans to introduce tough new laws carrying 20-year jail terms to stem a flourishing sex-slave trade that brings Asian women into the country to work as prostitutes.


BERLIN - A court jailed a 20-year-old German neo-Nazi for 2 1/2 years for an attack on a Ghanaian construction worker earlier this year.