PHILS LOSE DREW: The Philadelphia Phillies, who gambled they could sign outfielder J.D. Drew when they drafted him second overall last year, failed to get a deal by the midnight deadline and lost his rights.

While the Phillies have this year's No. 1 pick, they can't draft him without his permission. Oakland has the No. 2 pick, followed by the Cubs, Kansas City, St. Louis, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Toronto, San Diego and Texas.PIRATES' PUNCHES: Pittsburgh Pirates reliever Jeff Tabaka suffered a fractured jaw after being punched during a hotel lobby fight, apparently in a dispute over a card game.

Eyewitnesses traveling with the Pirates said Tabaka and reliever Marc Wilkins scuffled just off the lobby of the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee several hours after the team arrived Sunday night from a series in Miami.

Before the players could be separated, Tabaka was struck in the jaw. He required surgery and is out indefinitely.