Police, with guns drawn, surrounded an armored car after a guard jokingly wrote "Help me" on a napkin and displayed it in the vehicle's window.

The napkin, which also had a frowning face drawn on it, drew the attention Friday of a motorist who took it seriously enough to call Orem police.With Utah law enforcement agencies already on the lookout for a gunman linked to three bank robberies and the wounding of a Brigham Young University police officer, authorities also took the handmade sign seriously.

Orem Public Safety Department Sgt. Gary Downey said officers found the Respond Inc. armored car at a Macey's store but didn't approach it for fear of starting a shootout in the parking lot.

After two men returned to the truck, police followed it and stopped it a short distance away.

The armored car's driver and security guards explained that apparently one of them was just playing a joke.

Police weren't amused, arresting a 28-year-old man for investigation of giving a false alarm, a misdemeanor.