Krista Fantin found that writing to her congressman can bring results.

The eighth-grader at Hillside Intermediate School in Salt Lake City won a free trip to Washington, D.C., because of a letter she wrote to Rep. Merrill Cook, R-Utah, as part of the RespecTeen contest by the Lutheran Brotherhood."I told him that I would like to see a bill that would restrict animal testing for cosmetics," Fantin said. "50,000 animals are used each year by just Procter & Gamble alone. These are not used for medical research, but for cosmetics."

She delivered the message again in person to Cook as part of her paid trip for herself and a parent. "He said that he really supported my ideas and that for cosmetics, there should be some restrictions."

Fantin said she attended several speeches and tours arranged by RespecTeen - including a rare visit by outsiders to the floors of the House and Senate - and also saw the tourist sites.