Vice President George Bush won't be coming to Utah on June 11 after all.

Utah Republican Party leaders had said Wednesday that they were fairly certain Bush would come that day to address both the Republican State Convention and the U.S. Conference of Mayors' annual convention. Democratic front-runner Michael Dukakis, the governor of Massachusetts, has confirmed that he will talk to the mayors' group on June 12.But State GOP Chairman H. Craig Moody said Bush's campaign called late Wednesday saying that it couldn't reschedule a prior commitment in California as it had hoped. Bush promised to come to Utah later this year instead.

"We had been working for two weeks trying to juggle his schedule," Moody said. "As much as he would like to come to Utah because of the media event it would be with the other candidate in town, he just couldn't do it. He said he would be back through Utah, but not on this trip."

Moody added, "His people were willing to plug in a date yesterday. But we want to wait and pick a date that will fit in well with what we are planning as a party."