Indian police showered baton blows on Tibetan demonstrators trying to storm the Chinese Embassy Saturday to protest Beijing's rule of their homeland. About a dozen protesters were left injured and bleeding.

In a guerrilla-style operation that took the police off guard, about 200 slogan-shouting protesters converged on the embassy from different directions, waving banners and Tibetan flags.Monks and nuns jostled and traded punches with the outnumbered policemen, who summoned reinforcements and attacked the crowd with bamboo truncheons.

The senior police officer at the site was pushed and punched by an angry protester.

"Jiang Zemin, die!" some protesters chanted, referring to the Chinese president.

After an hourlong confrontation, police rounded up the demonstrators on buses and detained them for violating a prohibition against demonstrating in the diplomatic enclave.

The unusually violent demonstration reflected growing frustration with the lack of movement toward discussing the Tibet issue in the international arena, said officials of the Tibetan Youth Congress who organized the protest. It also was a sign of discontent with the inactive approach by the Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual and political leader of Tibet.