In its statewide survey of cemeteries, the Utah State Historical Society has had good response from many areas of the state. But in some counties they need more help, said project coordinator Tania Tully. "We don't have any information at all on Daggett County cemeteries," she said.

Those counties where more help and information is needed include: Daggett, Garfield, Kane, Piute, Sevier, Summit, Tooele and Uintah counties.Matching grants of up to $10,000 can help offset some of the hard costs such as computer consultant fees and data entry. The average grant amount so far has been $5,500, said Tully. The local match is usually a combination of cash and donations. Cities, counties and cemeteries are encouraged to use the funding before it disappears. "We've been funded for another year, so it's not too late to take advantage of the grant money," said Tully. The state also provides a list of consultant companies that can help with computer mapping and entry.

If you know of a cemetery in your area, particularly one that you think might not be on their records, the Historical Society would like you to fill out a one-page survey form. For forms or more information on the project, call 533-3527.