I am an avid Jazz fan and love to be kept informed on the statistics and information of the team. However, I have been turned off by the excess of coverage by the Deseret News during the playoff run this year. Granted, the 35-point victory over the Lakers last Saturday was big, but it didn't deserve the eight full pages of pre- and post-game coverage that it received. If this much attention is being paid to Game 1 of the Western Conference finals, will the whole newspaper be devoted to the Jazz if they win the championship?

Although the Jazz are big news, I think that the sports staff seems immature with all of the trash talking and recount after recount that they are doing. Because I am a teenager, this whole coverage issue reminds me of a popular dating analogy: It is a conveyer belt, and once you get on you can't get off until you go all the way. I hope that next year the Deseret News can take a more reasonable approach toward the playoffs.Matt Sederberg