Kimberly Jo Dotts had been missing more than a week when hikers found her body in an area called Gallows Harbor, buried under leaves and branches after being hanged from a tree.

She had been left there, police say, by friends who clubbed her to death with a rock in fear she would tell of their plans to run away."Snitches get hurt," one killer said to her, a witness told police.

Jessica Holtmeyer, 16, and Aaron Straw, 18, were arrested Wednesday, 10 days after the slaying, and jailed on homicide charges.

Police said more arrests were possible; an investigator said others were present during the attack but walked away. Police did get an anonymous call a few days before the body was found but did not elaborate on what was said.

Kimberly Jo's body was found by hikers Tuesday in an area named for a tree hanging there in the 19th century.

Ten people - the two suspects, Kimberly Jo, her 24-year-old cousin, Tracy Lewis, and six teenagers - were together on the afternoon of May 10 at a popular partying and camping spot outside Clearfield near the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, police said.

The group was planning to run away to Florida but got angry at Kimberly Jo when she backed out and threatened to reveal their plans.

The group toyed with Kimberly Jo by putting the noose around her neck, then removing it. At one point, she was dragged around the wooded clearing by her neck.

"She was crying because she was afraid and she was being picked on," state police Cpl. Greg Bacher said. At this point, part of the group left the scene, but some stayed. Bacher said he did not know who remained.

The third time the rope was put around her neck, Kimberly Jo was hanged from a tree for several minutes until she lost consciousness, then taken down.

"That's when they got afraid and they started covering her up with branches," Bacher said. "They noticed she started to move and that's when she was struck with the rock."