A 21-year-old woman has admitted to posting a racial slur on the North Layton Junior High School's outdoor sign that caused a furor in the community.

Police said the woman also implicated two of her friends in what she called a practical joke."She claims to have been the driver and participated in the planning of it," said police Sgt. Steve Brown. "It just sounds like a prank done in very poor taste."

Brown said police planned to contact the other two suspects.

Prosecutors said they would review the case to determine if charges would be filed.

Brown said they tracked down the woman at an Ogden car dealership after someone sent an e-mail to news outlets naming her as the culprit.

"She had told me how herself and a few friends went to the school and changed the letter B to an N" on the marquee that said "Smile Bigger," according to the message sent Monday. "I think it was wrong and a lot of people were hurt because of it. I believe the truth needs to be said, and some sort of consequences for the act."

Brown said when detectives questioned the woman, she admitted she and her friends used a special pole to change the letters.

The incident caused a stir after a parent complained to news media before it was spotted and removed by school officials.