Former Olympic Park bombing suspect Richard Jewell is making headlines again - this time for saving a baby's life.

Jewell, now second in command at the five-officer Luthersville Police Department, was at the station earlier this month when a couple brought in their 5-day-old infant, who was choking and turning blue.With the help of Officer Tommy Middleton, Jewell cleared the baby's throat and got him breathing again.

"They both knew what to do," Police Chief Paige McNeese said Thursday. "I'm so thankful that it worked out. I think it scared them about as bad as the parents.

"I'm very proud of my guys. Police officers get compliments so seldom; it's wonderful that they got the opportunity to do this."

Jewell, who joined the department in this small town about 40 miles southwest of Atlanta in November, was an obvious choice for the promotion, the chief said.

"He has the strongest desire to be a good police officer of anyone I've ever worked with," McNeese said. "Richard has done a very good job for me. He's very knowledgeable in law and is a compassionate person."

Authorities had named Jewell a suspect in the park bombing that killed one woman and injured more than 100 in July 1996. The Justice Department publicly cleared him in October 1996.

Jewell told Atlanta's WSB-TV that people still associate him with the bombing.

"I write somebody a ticket and they get mad and call me the bomber," he said.

But he said saving the baby's life on May 8 clears it away.

"All the bad things are washed away when you do one good thing," he said. "You know, that's what we're here for."