Police say a Virginia man suspected of robbing three Utah County banks and shooting a police officer Wednesday is "a desperate man with nothing to lose."

Investigators have identified the gunman as Carl Douglas Consolvo, 38. He is wanted in several states for a series of crimes dating back to January.Consolvo has been diagnosed as manic-depressive, schizophrenic and HIV-positive, Provo Police Chief Greg Cooper said Thursday.

He's also responsible for a spate of crimes in Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and Texas, and he is on the FBI's fugitives list, Cooper said.

The police chief, along with FBI agent Greg Meacham, Orem Police Chief Mike Larsen and Brigham Young University Police Chief Robert Kelshaw, detailed what they know about the man who they say blew into Utah County Wednesday in a stolen gold-colored car and left in a dark-blue two-door 1988 Mazda.

Police say Consolvo used the money stolen from the banks and bought the car at a Provo car dealer just minutes after the robberies.

"He's armed. He's extremely dangerous. He has nothing to lose," Meacham said.

Consolvo, since January, has been accused of rape, abduction with a firearm, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, burglary and a carjacking in which a passenger was shot.

He is also suspected of kidnapping a youth from a Taco Bell in Lake Worth, Texas, after raping a real estate agent in Chesapeake, Va., according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Virginia Pilot newspapers.

Consolvo allegedly stole a Chevy Blazer in Va., a van in Apex, N.C., and the gold Toyota Avalon he drove into Utah. Reports from the News and Observer of Raleigh, N.C., say Consolvo terrorized people in two Texas towns before he came to North Carolina to rob homes and car jack.

He reportedly pulled an elderly woman from the Toyota and shot her 74-year-old husband in the leg before driving away.

At each point, Consolvo wielded a 9mm gun, said Meacham.

"Everybody's looking for him - state, federal - everybody," a Waco, Texas, police spokesman said.

That now includes Utah authorities.

Consolvo has been linked to the robberies at Bank One in Orem, the University Parkway Wells Fargo bank and Zions National Bank on University Avenue.

He is also accused of shooting BYU Police Sgt. David Adams after Adams tailed him from the Zions Bank incident.

Adams suffered only minor injuries after he dove into his squad car for cover and one of the bullets went through the windshield and glanced off the steering wheel before striking him.

Adams has steel fragments imbedded below one eye and above the other and a deep bruise on his chest as a result.

Consolvo apparently ditched the car he was driving behind the Moose Lodge on State Street in Provo before walking into nearby Last Stop Auto Sales, 915 S. State, to buy the 1988 Mazda.

Police say he paid cash and used his real name on paperwork he filled out at the auto dealer. A salesman thought he recognized Consolvo from news accounts and notified police.

Anyone with information about Consolvo, who also uses the alias "Trent Wellington," is asked to call the FBI at 579-1400 or Provo Police at 852-6210. Additional information is available on the FBI Web site at (http://www.fbi.gov/alert/consolvo/norfolk.htm).