The British press, still pondering the death of Princess Diana, reports on the Paparazzi Stopper, an invention of Joseph Resnick of Philadelphia.

Resnick's device, which contains sensors and a flash unit, can be clipped to a baseball cap or jacket lapel, says the Times of London. Activated by a photographic flash, it ruins the film of the photographer.Resnick says he's ironing out some kinks and expects his $500 gadget to be on the market soon.

- POST SCRIPT: Fitness magazine quotes prophesies of a baby boom in June in England as a result of the national trauma over Diana's death.

"Feelings of deep grief can open up a need for comfort," said psychoanalyst Susan Kavaler-Adler. "Intimacy can be a way to meet that need, or a way to avoid the sadness."

- Leah Garchik