Well, folks. Mayfest has come and gone. It's over - in more ways than one.

Due to the semester change, classes will now end in April, and a May thing will be somewhat impractical, so this was the festival's last year. However, unlike producers of "Seinfeld," which ended at the same time, the U. will find some way to resurrect this popular event. Basically, the same thing under a different name. Much like the reunion of Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Zeppelin, only not. Oh goodie.After spending an exhausting week communing with Utah's best and brightest, we thought we would jot down the low and high points of what once was . . . "MAYFEST."

Top five worst things at Mayfest:

1. Dikayl and the Retreads. Just make it stop.

2. Feminine braidable armpit hair.

3. Honest Engine's comeback?

4. High school students!

5. Mayfest eulogies. Get over it!

Top five best things at Mayfest

1. Slapdown's incurable funk.

2. Pavlov Jones' punked out riffs.

3. Moxie Tonic's swinging sensations.

4. Everclear's new life.

5. Ben Harper's steel string slide.

Yes, we must say that Friday's big finish was truly awesome.

Mr. Ben Harper and his Innocent Criminals were the great fireworks of it all. Not leaving his seat the entire time, Ben brought everyone to their feet with his vivacious, stirring and intense steel-string, lap-guitar rock-out. It was like butter, baby.

But there is more; we have our own little ideas for next year.

Voila! Our top names for the new college fete:

1. The Spring-a-Ling-a-Ding-Dong.

2. The Festival Formerly Known as "Mayfest."

3. Ute-Stock.

4. The Tree-Huggin' Jamboree.

5. Spring-feld.

We weren't the only ones with inventive suggestions. Despite their off-color commentary on stage, Everclear had nothing but positive things to say after their show.

They were quite helpful in giving us tips on how to enhance Utah's little shindig. Two words: bumper cars - just like the ones at Saltair. We know exactly where they should go.

Thanks, Utah, for putting on a really great show.