In its endless search for a few good men, Uncle Sam is ordering one Sam Garmize to register for the draft - or face prosecution.

But there's something the military ought to know: Sam's a parrot."They probably wouldn't want him because he only has four toes, green hair and no teeth," said Sharon Garmize, owner of the blue crown mealy Amazon parrot who received the letter from the Selective Service on Monday.

The Selective Service bases its mailings on lists of graduating high school seniors obtained from commercial vendors, spokesman Larry Walt-man said.

"Sometimes we get a dog. Sometimes we get a cat," he said. "This time we got a parrot."

Garmize suspects a friend or co-worker listed Sam and two dogs as members of the family on a survey several years back. Since then, Visa has offered him a credit card with a $2,000 limit. A tuxedo shop has offered a nice deal just in time for the prom. A student foreign exchange program has asked him to study abroad.