I'm getting just a little bit tired of people who defend tobacco by saying "it's a legal product." Give me a break. If Congress hadn't been on the "take" from the tobacco industry all these years and fought efforts to regulate it like other drugs, it would on the controlled substance list along with heroin and cocaine. Tobacco kills more people in Utah than all those other drugs.

Now the tobacco industry is putting out all those ads about going out of business if the tax on cigarettes goes too high and there's going to be a black market. And then there's Sen. Orrin Hatch saying the same thing on radio and TV.Do these guys think we are stupid enough to believe the tobacco industry after all that's come out about how they hid research about addiction, disease and lied about marketing tobacco to kids? Maybe they should go out of business.

It seems that more kids are smoking in Utah than ever before. I care about what the tobacco industry has done, and will continue to do, to attract kids to tobacco. They have openly lied to the American public and Congress, and it's time something was done about it. And I don't think it's right that a senator from Utah is defending the industry.

Mike Zakowski

Salt Lake City