A student who had been expelled a day earlier for bringing a gun to class opened fire with a rifle in a high school cafeteria Thursday, killing at least one person. Up to 24 other people were injured, including three critically.

The suspect was taken into custody within about 20 minutes, police Sgt. Gary Stewart said. He refused to identify the shooter but confirmed he was an expelled student.Sophomore Jessica Freeburg said she knew the shooter as a freshman who had been expelled a day earlier for trying to bring a gun to school.

"We were in the parking lot getting ready to walk in and everybody came running out and they said: `People are shooting!' " said 15-year-old Courtney Anderson. The shooting erupted shortly before 8 a.m. at Thurston High School.

One person was killed and up to 24 were wounded, Stewart said. Many of the victims were students, Murphy said. Two boys and a girl taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center were in critical condition, hospital spokesman Dan Steinberg said. Others were sent to McKenzie Willamette Hospital.

The school of 1,700 students was shut down immediately after the shooting and parents waited for their children in church. A school official read the names of 23 students who were injured, either in the shooting or its aftermath. Springfield is about 110 miles south of Portland.