A defiant Stacey Nelson-Waggoner was ordered to prison for rape Tuesday, but not before he accused his victim of stealing his freedom "for personal gain."

Nelson-Waggoner was convicted last month of first-degree felony rape for his assault on the Utah State University student, and he faces three other counts of rape and two counts of forcible sexual assault involving other female students.All of the women were in the courtroom of 1st District Judge Ben Hadfield, along with a woman whose charge against him ended in acquittal in February. He turned on them and angrily said, "God will hold you accountable for your conspiracy of lies and for hurting innocent victims such as my wife, my mother and three young daughters."

Prosecutors claim Nelson-Waggoner, 21, is a "signature rapist" who lured each of the women to his dormitory room and then forced them to have sex while he had them pinned on the bed. He claims the sex was consensual.

The judge said he was particularly troubled by a pre-sentence report indicating that when Nelson-Waggoner moved to Utah from Arizona to attend USU, his wife and two girlfriends were pregnant with his children. The defendant responded by saying he was sorry for committing the sin of adultery but that "I am not guilty of the serious crime of rape."