There are no tax or fee increases in the city's proposed $2.09 million budget for the fiscal year starting July 1.

The City Council will likely adopt the 1998-99 budget after a public hearing set for 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 9, at City Hall, 1787 S. 2000 West.City Manager Mike Moyes said the new budget totals almost $143,000 less than what the city will end up spending for the current fiscal year. He said that's mainly because the city saved up and spent an extra $169,000 in large park improvement projects during 1997-98.

"We're maintaining the same levels of service," Moyes said.

Sales tax and user fees continue to be the backbone of the budget. However, R.C. Willey Home Furnishings isn't quite the sales tax anchor it used to be.

The store earned the city $633,000 in sales tax during 1995-96, but is projected to only hit the $575,000 mark by the end of this fiscal year.

Most of that decline is due to the company opening a new outlet in Riverdale.

Moyes expects the new Smith's store to make up a lot of the decline in sales tax during the coming year, but he's conservatively counting on receiving only $25,000 more in sales tax this year.

The new budget includes the hiring of two new city maintenance workers. While that may sound extravagant, Moyes said it will bring the total number of city employees to only 15 - one more than the city employed 11 years ago.

During those same 11 years, the city's population has grown from 3,800 to 8,000.

All employees will also receive a merit pay increase that will average about 6 percent.

The new budget does include $75,000 for preliminary development of a new park, to be built next to the new elementary school on 2700 South, just east of 1000 West.

It also includes the purchase of one new police vehicle, a front-end loader and two utility trucks.

The city's police budget is up dramatically - $187,000 - for 1998-99. That's because some $75,000 in federal law enforcement grants expire June 30 and the city must now pick up the tab. Also, the city hopes to hire one more police officer.

Because of the all the new subdivision growth in the city, the building inspection department budget has also increased 25 percent.


Additional Information

Budget - Syracuse

General fund: $2.09 million


General fund $2.23 million


Where it comes from:

Property tax: $ 154,000

Last year: $ 154,000

Sales tax: $ 600,000

Last year: $ 600,000

Franchise tax: $ 4,800

Last year: $ 4,800

Permits,licenses: $ 193,000

Last year: $ 157,000

Other revenues: $1.08 million

Last year: $1.2 million

Where it goes:

Police: $ 485,000

Last year: $ 298,000

Fire: $ 147,000

Last year: $ 144,000

Parks & Rec. $ 601,000

Last year: $ 771,000

Streets: $ 272,000

Last year: $ 298,000

Community devel.: $ 216,000

Last year: $ 163,000

Administration: $ 271,000

Last year: $ 170,000

Other: $ 128,000

Last year: $ 388,000

Tax/fee increases: