A raven takes a $10 bill from Salt Lake Rotarian David B. Winder, above, during World of Flight bird show Tuesday at Hogle Zoo. Rotarians, who spent time with daughters and granddaughters at the zoo, broke into laughter when the raven later took the bill and stuffed it in bird trainer Steve Chindgren's pocket. Kathy and Steve Parsons, left, from Clarkston, Cache County, wearing toucan and parrot hats, were among those enjoying the bird show. "There's nothing greater than taking a little girl or boy to the zoo," said Winder, who was accompanied by his granddaughter, Kassie Wright, 9. Billed as a "walk on the wild side," the event gave members of the Salt Lake Rotary Club an opportunity to spend time with family members. Zeke Dumke III, chairman of the Rotarian and Daughter Committee, said the gathering was planned to be educational and career-focused for youths attending. Zookeepers visited with Rotarians and their family members and explained their work at the zoo.