I would like to respond and add to a letter posted in the Forum on May 14 by Sherry McMullin. My heart ached as I read about her cat being attacked by roaming dogs. I am a cat and dog owner and could feel her pain at the loss of her Sammy. She felt that this might not have happened if the dogs' owners had kept them restrained. Unfortunately, though, these dogs are probably homeless and have no owners to feed, care for and love them. When dogs travel in groups, they are each other's family and usually have to do whatever it takes to eat and find shelter.

This brings me to my point: Please be responsible pet owners not only by fencing your yard for your pets (dogs and cats) but just as important, please spay and neuter your pets so that the (usually unwanted) babies being born won't be put in a position of being homeless and roaming the streets or euthanized because they don't get adopted after being dropped off at the Humane Society or County Animal Shelter.If you've ever been to these facilities and seen the hundreds of animals waiting for good homes, and responsible pet owners, it would break your heart to know that most of them are euthanized. These places offer spaying and neutering (or can refer you to veterinarians) at very reasonable prices, which saves a lot of money in the long run.

People have many excuses why they don't have this done. It won't change the animals' personality, and it won't make them fat or lazy. And if you want your kids to witness the "miracle of birth," please be prepared to also show them the pain of homelessness and the reality of death. Let's be responsible and care for those who can't care for themselves.

Joanne Sorensen