A couple of new software applications have come to my hard drive. Let's take a look.

- Every Sunday I try to watch "This Old House" and see Norm Abram and the boys use $5,000 power tools to restore old houses I can't afford. If you also have restoration in your blood, check out the "This Old House Kitchen and Home Architect" from Broderbund. It's really two CD-ROM products in one box. "3D Home Architect Deluxe" and "This Old House Kitchens." Both focus on do-it-yourself designs that you can use as construction plans or as a starting point with an architect. Cost is $69.95, not bad for all you get.- Dr. Solomon's has released "Anti-Virus Deluxe," a powerful new virus fighter for Windows. I like its "continuous update" feature that updates the product over the Internet as new viruses are discovered. What I don't like is updates are free only for a year. Its strongest competitor, Norton Anti-Virus, offers free updates with no limit. Once Dr. Solly matches that deal, I'd wholeheartedly recommend it.