What's up this time with The Worm? Whatever it is, Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson and star Michael Jordan are getting fed up.

Dennis Rodman is showing up late, he's lost his starting job, and twice when Jackson tried to send him into Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals against Indiana, he was in the locker room."It was irritating to have to send for him," Jackson said after dispatching an assistant trainer to fetch the seven-time rebounding champ. Rodman had retired to the locker room at the beginning of the game and second half, supposedly to keep loose on an exercise bike.

"He thought he would be coming in at the two-minute mark and the situation changed. I will have a talk in the next couple of days to see if we can't set him straight," Jackson said.

"Dennis has to maintain a certain focus. I think Phil has been unhappy with some of his antics as of late - being late to practice and not showing up when he should be," Jordan said.

Jordan said the Bulls always give Rodman "enough time to be Dennis."

"He's not flaking out, he's just trying to get some attention," Jordan said.

The Bulls say they want Rodman to come off the bench and give them a spark against Indiana's top reserve Antonio Davis, but it's a strategy that's hard to buy.

In Game 1, Rodman did provide a lift with 11 points and 10 rebounds in 23 minutes before fouling out. In Game 2, he got in foul trouble again and had just six rebounds and two points in 24 minutes during Chicago's 104-98 victory that put the Bulls ahead 2-0 in the series.