A hospital has cleared staff members to leave the building to treat injuries one day after a 15-year-old boy lay dying of gunshot wounds outside its doors and workers refused to go outside.

Christopher Sercye, shot while playing basketball in an alley near Ravenswood Hospital, was carried to within steps of the hospital entrance by friends Sunday. He sat outside for 30 minutes before a frustrated police officer brought him inside, but he died an hour later.Late Monday, John E. Blair, the hospital's president and chief executive officer, said he was revoking the policy.

"I have instructed my staff to provide treatment to anyone who needs it in the immediate vicinity of the hospital when there are no paramedics or medical technicians available," Blair said.

"Above all, I want to make sure that if a tragedy like this ever occurs again, we have a different result."

Sercye was an innocent bystander in a gang shooting, police said. Three teens who prosecutors said have gang affiliations are charged with first-degree murder.

Police who were on the scene called an ambulance and sought help inside the hospital.

"It's a ridiculous policy," said James A. Maurer, deputy chief of patrol for the police district that includes the hospital. "They don't leave the campus? What's that? They're standing out there having a smoke when the kid is in the alley bleeding."

Police are trained to not move seriously injured people, he said, but to wait for paramedics.