Well, she's done it again. Her Highness Deedee "Make-a Deal-ee"' has managed to once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by ramrodding the transit hub to 600 West. She has single-handedly doomed mass transit all along the Wasatch Front by creating her shortsighted "big business" deal with the Boyer Co. before looking at the ramifications of that big deal. Then, like a late-night infomercial, she whined that the money would evaporate if we didn't "act now." Impulse buying has never been wise. Especially when Deedee is the pitch-person.

The bottom line is, if we can send a man to the moon, we can overcome the technical challenges associated with a hub closer to downtown. But we have never been able overcome the perception of people. Just because you build it does not mean people will come. And the perception will be, "The hub does not get me to downtown, so I will not go there." Time and time again, the proponents of the 600 West site have said, " `If' the transit system is successful, we can look at future options closer to town." Well, you just made sure the "if" is not a "when." So instead of commuter rail, we outside of Salt Lake City have to live with Legacy Highway and other debacles.Salt Lake City wants to project to the world a "big city" image in 2002. The image would look much more progressive with a viable mass transit system than a quaint downtown tourist trap. I guess I have to ask what's in it for Deedee. She's no altruist. Beyond the public deal, what sort of personal deal has she worked out with Boyer?

Brian Myers