I want to compliment the Deseret News for its recent editorial, "Clarify Salt Palace practices." However, I would like to point out a fact that has been missed in most of the reporting on the granting of fee waivers to the Republicans by the Salt Palace.

The fact is there never was a Salt Palace policy to grant waivers to political parties. In 1996, 1997 and 1998, someone with the Salt Lake County Republican Party had to misrepresent the legal status of the Republican Party on three separate Waiver Request forms delivered to the Salt Palace.Additionally, the Salt Palace has admitted that it does not advertise its waiver policy. The Democrats did not know of the waiver policy until somebody mistakenly faxed us the Republican Party's Lease Agreement. Further, the Salt Palace did not offer us a waiver until we asked why the Republicans were getting a waiver.

It is for these reasons that the Salt Lake Democratic Party called for the Republican Party to repay the taxpayers waivers the Republicans have received. Those waivers may total over $9,000.

Joseph E. Hatch, chairman

Salt Lake County Democratic Party

Salt Lake City