The Utah Jazz may be looking real on the court of the Western Conference Finals, but some Jazz and other NBA merchandise is looking bogus in federal court.

Acting on a motion by NBA Properties Inc., U.S. District Judge Dee Benson has issued a temporary restraining order authorizing U.S. marshals and other law enforcement officers to seize any counterfeit NBA merchandise found in the Salt Lake area.The NBA goes to federal court annually in every city involved in the playoffs in a bid to stop the proliferation of phony NBA T-shirts, caps and other souvenirs. Typically sold on the street by unlicensed dealers, the bogus goods often have unauthorized NBA and team logos.

In its motion, the NBA said the unknown counterfeiters would likely hawk their merchandise from various locations "at or near the sites of events during the 1998 NBA Western Conference Finals" unless restrained by the court.

Benson's order authorizes law enforcement agents to seize any phony merchandise within 15 miles of the Delta Center through the end of the Western Conference Finals.