The Great Salt Lake declined two-tenths of a foot in the last two weeks of May and is now at 4,209.10 feet above sea level, according to a measurement Wednesday by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The survey operates the official gauge at the Saltair Beach Boat Harbor in cooperation the Utah Division of Water Rights.

"Last year at this time the lake was 2 1/2 feet higher than today, and the decline from May 15 to June 1 was only 0.05 foot," about a half-inch, said Lee Case, district chief for the survey's Water Resources Division.

"The lake has now declined 0.45 foot (about 5 1/2 inches) from its seasonal peak of 4,209.55 feet above sea level on Feb. 10," Case said. "By this time last year, the lake had declined only 0.25 foot (3 inches) from its seasonal peak."