Utah Attorney General Jan Graham announced Monday morning that on behalf of the state she'll join in a national lawsuit against Microsoft, anattempt to stop the computer software giant from issuing its Windows 98 operating system in June.

"We'll join with the (federal) Justice Department and 20 other states in an injunction to stop" the selling of Windows 98, said Reed Richards, chief deputy for Graham.Richards said talks between federal officials, attorneys general and Microsoft broke down over the weekend. The main complaints are that Microsoft will include a number of its own products in the Windows 98 package, specifically its Internet browser.

While Netscape - the main competitor to Microsoft's browser - has no Utah operations, Richards said a number of Utah software firms are concerned over how Micorsoft handles interactive products.

"WordPerfect's word processing, Novell's office systems, all are concerned in how their software will work with Windows 98 operating system. You can delete the (Microsoft) browser and other products, but the reality is most people won't. They will just use the products that come" on Windows 98, said Richards.

Gov. Mike Leavitt, who has been at odds with Graham recently over state litigation strategies, agrees with her actions Monday. "We concur" that suing Microsoft is the best course of action, said Leavitt spokeswoman Vicki Varela.