A 15-year-old boy who was shot just steps from a hospital died after emergency room workers refused to go outside to treat him.

Ravenswood Hospital is not a trauma center, and staffers do not leave their duties to treat anyone outside, said hospital spokeswoman Milli Striegl. She said they did call 911."Everything was done that should be done," she said.

Neighborhood resident Donna Dudley said she saw friends of shooting victim Christopher Sercye trying unsuccessfully to walk him through an alley to Ravenswood's emergency room on Saturday.

One of the boys then ran inside, and Dudley, who followed him in, said hospital workers would not go outside. "It's just inhuman," she said.

Two police officers in the hospital rushed out and repeatedly called for an ambulance, said police spokesman Kevin Morison. After waiting nearly 20 minutes, the officers got a wheelchair and took Christopher into the hospital themselves, Morison said.

Christopher died about an hour later.