Present value of $10,000 investment made January 8, 1998 minus fees and commissions. Rates reflect Wednesday close. Copyright 1998, The Meyers Report

The partying ponies planned a picnic to celebrate Memorial Day. Some had fun while others got roasted. OTC, the acknowledged leader, captained the softball team, but struck out to the tune of $50 his first time up. Blue Chip made up for lost time, hitting clean-up and cleaning up for $194. Lipper Mutual took advantage of a hanging curve ball and batted in $83 to stay in third. Lipper International assumed the role of chef but got burned for $79. Gold got ants in his picnic basket, a bad case of sunburn and was bitten for $65 by a nasty insect. The saver steeds took no chances, playing cards under a tree and stashing their winnings. EE Bonds, Money Market and 90-Day CD gained $10, $10 and $8, respectively, to hold onto sixth, seventh and eighth. 30-Year T-Bond was organizing races but fell at the starting line and lost $8. Silver joined the three-legged race because that's the way he's been running. His $729 loss dropped him so far behind that the investors can barely find him.