Thanks to efforts of hundreds of volunteers, the Make-A-Wish Gala, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and American Cancer Society Gala were held this month on behalf of Utahns whose futures have been forever changed with the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease. The Make-A-Wish chorus resonated that the "Angels Among Us" are those who attended these events, generously contributing monies needed to provide the services and conduct the research so vitally needed by the individuals served by these organizations.

Others who deserve recognition are those who participate in their quest for recovery, actively engaging in activities that enhance quality of life while working with health-care providers in the treatment of their disease. The demonstration of the human spirit and the positive impact of their determination and courage is inspiring. The ongoing support of family members, health-care providers, volunteers and financial donors serves to enhance the patient-active process.With admiration to those who care about and for Utahns and to the media for helping to keep us all better informed.

Tika Beard

Executive director

Cancer Wellness House, Salt Lake City